The New Power Couple: Content and Commerce Take Center Stage

Clear ROI stories are driving investment for market leaders

The New Power Couple

Everyone knows that today's customers are more mobile, better informed and less loyal than ever before. And they expect brands to deliver not only a smoother, more seamless shopping experience, but a highly personalized one, too. 

Much of this is a result of integrating web content systems with commerce engines so that the marketing department that engages with consumers through digital channels has visibility into inventories and catalog information that lives in commerce systems. Natively integrating content with commerce creates more than just exceptional, end-to-end customer experiences — it results in significant financial gains through increased ROI.

This e-book will enlighten the marketers to think differently about how they personalize the shopping experience while boosting their customer base and bottom line.

Included in this e-book:

  • Why it's time to natively integrate your content system with commerce
  • Effective ways to deliver the integrated content and commerce
  • Insights and opportunities of using combined content and commerce platforms
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