17 Ways to Get Marketing Projects Done

Mapping out a plan to achieve your goals

Get Marketing Projects Done

What keeps marketing teams from succeeding?

When you ask this question, marketers usually answer with a variation on “not enough time/budget/resources/people/IT support.” These are symptoms of larger issues, such as a lack of strategic alignment with corporate priorities and of management support and buy-in.

Regardless of the challenges, taking the first step is the most important thing to do. Every day that passes without action is another day you leave money on the table and make it harder for your marketing program to catch up later.

This guide will help you plot a path to not just get more marketing programs done but also to accomplish the most important ones.

Inside this guide:

  • Identify the fulcrum—the key point that drives engagement and revenue
  • Break big projects into manageable segments or phases
  • Carve out specific time to focus on improvements
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