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The Anti-Intranet, Intranet

The best intranets are designed for people, not features

JetBlue Case Study

As CMSWire staff reporter Dom Nicastro writes in his article, JetBlue Flies Higher With Redesigned Award-Winning Intranet:

"Nielsen Norman Group defines a good intranet portal as one that provides easy access to all enterprise information, resources and tools. Intranet portals can also effectively consolidate applications, connect information, drive governance, change communication, and reduce fragmentation [...]."

This case study highlights how a modern, custom-made intranet that incorporates brand identity and a positive company culture can improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

Included in this case study:

  • How content, culture and technology play together
  • The importance of staying true to your brand
  • Why personalization is key for employee engagement
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