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8 Signs Your ECM System Is Past Its Useful Life

End the guesswork about investing in a new ECM solution

8 Signs Your ECM System Is Past Its Useful Life

60% of organizations with 1000+ employees now have at least 100TB of content, and 25% have over a petabyte! This content consists of documents, images, video, audio, corporate files, web content, customer records, and more.

The difficulty in managing this volume of data is compounded by the unstructured nature of much of it. In a patchwork attempt to corral this growing content, many large organizations use multiple enterprise content management (ECM) systems which leads to poor user experiences, security risks, and high maintenance costs.

This white paper provides a quick and easy overview of 8 signs that point to an underperforming ECM system and the impact that has on your business.

What's inside?

  • How to increase your organization’s data security‚Ä®
  • Ways to boost employee productivity
  • Tips on how to strengthen customer loyalty

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